What my clients talk about working with me

  • Penny Sansevieri

    Working with Alexander was so great, the final cover is absolutely outstanding. He was thorough, timely, and always willing to help brainstorm ideas to make the kind of cover that would sell books. We had a great rapport, he was super easy to work with – flexible and timely! The cover plays a huge role in the success of a book!

    - Penny SansevieriAuthor of "The Amazon Author Formula"
  • RaShell Lashbrook

    Alexander was an absolute pleasure to work with! – I’d been thinking about redesigning my book covers for some time, but wasn’t sure I could trust someone else to create covers that truly represented what books were about. I’m a little high maintenance, but Alexander handled the entire process with the patience of a saint and a genuine desire to create beautiful covers that would capture my stories. He is worth every penny and then some! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the finished products or his top-notch customer service!

    - RaShell LashbrookAuthor of "Hidden in the Dark"
  • Susan May Warren

    Alexander did a fantastic job of capturing our vision and creating the perfect covers for our 6 book time-travel project! He gave us plenty of options to choose from, and gladly made all the changes we asked for. And, when we had rush jobs on items, he was right there with what we needed. Super creative, super helpful—Highly recommended!

    - Susan May WarrenBestselling author of the "True Lies of Rembrandt Stone" series
  • Morgan Toombs

    Alexander is a great man and a phenomenal designer! He is an expert in his field and able to bring to life innovative designs that not only a mirror but also amplify the message one is trying to portray. He is undoubtedly one of the best book cover designers for self-publishers in the World! I recommend Alexander to everyone!

    - Morgan ToombsAuthor of "Sexy... it's not that serious"
  • Michael Edwin Q.

    Alexander has the ability to make real what I see in my head. He creates a cover that displays the mood and idea of a book in a manner that is appealing and eye-catching to the audience. His versatile talent has played an important part in my success. Alexander is not just my first call in cover design. He is my only call.

    - Michael Edwin Q.Author of Amazon Best Seller "But Have Not Love"
  • Andrea Waltz

    We hired Alexander to help us do a complete rebranding of our fictional paranormal suspense series. He sent us a survey and we explained everything we were hoping to achieve with the new covers. We were thrilled with his creative, eye-catching and brilliant work! We liked his work so much, we then hired him again to design a cover for a totally different type of book. Again, he created a beautiful cover with the simplicity and power that we wanted. We could not recommend his services highly enough for anyone’s book cover design needs. Some people have a talent for book cover creation and he does. – What Alexander created for us was basically like going to a NY publishing house.

    - Andrea WaltzCo-author of Go for No!, Million Dollar Book Formula.
  • Betsy Lulu

    I have done a few projects with Alexander! He is simply amazing to work with! I could not recommend anyone better. His creative ideas will blow you away. He works very hard to design top-notch covers. This man is incredible! Check him out, you won’t be sorry!

    - Betsy LuluWriter, Executive Producer
  • Merrylue Martin

    I am a first-time author who had no clue how the book production process worked. I didn’t even know what a “paperback spread” was. Alex was recommended to me by my editor and what a great referral! Not only is he a fabulous artist, but he is also patient, kind, and worked tirelessly to make sure we got all the details right; even when I threw him a curve ball in the middle of the design process by modifying the title. Take it from me, newbie or not, Alex is a key player you want to have on your professional team! Thank you, Alex!!

    - Merrylue MartinAuthor of "The Big Quit Survival Guide"
  • Marie Author

    I own a publishing house and use Alexander for the projects that need to be better than anything currently out there. When Mrs. California came to me with her book proposal I immediately contacted Alex to see if he had time to take on another project. With him on board, I knew we would have a winner. The book was a huge success and the cover was waaaaay better than anything I could have imagined. I’ve recommended Alex to everyone and use him for many of my clients!

    - Marie AuthorTEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author of "Strength for Parents of Missing Children"
  • Kent Hinckley

    I’ve published two books using Alexander and it was a joy working with him to get the book cover I wanted. I love them. My readers compliment them all the time including reviewers. My wife who is a watercolorist and photographer loves them for their artistic beauty. He listens and is easy to work with which is why I’ve referred him to other authors. I have readers today who’ve told me they picked up my book primarily because the cover really stood out to them.

    - Kent HinckleyAuthor of International #1 Best Seller "Hearts, Minds and Coffee"
  • Kristi Duarte

    I selected Alexander among many other book cover designers and have never regretted it! Not only is he tremendously talented, he is also responsive and open to new ideas. He listened to what I wanted and understood my target audience completely. He produced a variety of sample covers, of which two were absolutely stunning. We went through several rounds of edits and I ended up with a fantastic book cover that people unanimously call beautiful. I couldn’t have been happier. Not only is Alexander an excellent designer, he is also kind and patient, and most of all he cares about your being more than happy with the end result. I would definitely recommend Alexander’s services to anyone who is looking for a high-quality book cover and wants to work one-on-one with a designer who cares and wants to make your book a success.

    - Kristi DuarteAuthor of "The Transmigrant: The Lost Years of Jesus"
  • Amanda Frame

    I received quotes from several other designers but not only were they overpriced, but their portfolios were nothing extraordinary. I came across Alexander’s portfolio and was blown away by his talent and versatility. Not only were his covers the most impressive I had seen by far, but his price was the lowest I’d been quoted. The process was easy, fast, and the cover he designed me was better than the one I had envisioned. I will absolutely use Alexander for any future books and would recommend him in a heartbeat!

    - Amanda FrameAuthor of "Into the Void"
  • Susan Gilbert

    Alexander von Ness is a Design Rock Star and his book cover work is nothing short of Superb. He is intuitive, caring and attentive when working on a project which creates results that are sure to please. In addition to his great design talent, I respect Alexander’s high level of professionalism. I know that when he is working on a project for me that he won’t consider the project closed until he knows I am happy. I can highly recommend Alexander for whatever book cover design needs you may have.

    - Susan GilbertBlogger at Entrepreneur and Yahoo, Founder and CEO at Online Promotion Success
  • Michael Haupt

    Alexander’s creativity, professionalism and service is, quite simply, jaw-dropping. As a first-time author, I had no idea how to find and brief a book cover designer. Alexander led me through the process like the polished professional he is. Without any clear idea of what I wanted, he quickly produced a design which was exactly what I had in mind but couldn’t articulate. Alexander is generous with his time, spot-on with his feedback and simply brilliant with creative ideas. When you need the best possible cover to showcase your life’s work, Alexander is your man.

    - Michael HauptAuthor of "Would Jesus Tweet?"
  • Doug Hobson

    Alex is a master of his craft. Whilst I had an image in my head, Alex was able to take that abstract information and turn it into something quite magnificent. He is honest, he is patient (and the Gods know he needs to be with us Authors!), and his work is incredible. I would never consider using anyone else for my covers. Five stars, plus!

    - Doug HobsonAuthor of "Veni, Vidi, Exitvs"
  • Bryan Hutchinson

    Alexander is a professional through and through, it’s a joy and ease to work with him, and the final product is nothing but the best regardless of what your book is about. He will make as many updates as you need and will also provide professional feedback to help you make the best possible choices on how best to represent your work. He’s one of the best at his craft and every self-published author should have him on speed-dial!

    - Bryan HutchinsonFounder of "Positive Writer"
  • Jess Lederman

    My novel was a tough one to design a cover for because it doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre. I’d spent months working with other graphic artists, all without coming up with a cover I really loved. Working with Alexander, however, was a completely different experience. Not only did he work very quickly but his creativity and responsiveness made all the difference. I was impressed that he went beyond my own requests to create additional iterations in a quest to create the best possible end product. In short, Alexander von Ness is an ideal partner for self-published authors.

    - Jess LedermanAuthor of "Hearts Set Free"
  • Victoria Wright

    Working with Alexander von Ness was wonderful. To find someone that you have never met off the internet and ask them to create a cover for a book and expect them to capture the true essence is a nerve racking experience. In a world of online cover designers who give you a couple of covers to choose from and a couple of edits for a fixed price, I was afraid I wouldn’t get what I truly wanted. Alex has a different model and is committed to making his clients 100% happy. This gave me enormous comfort, and he was true to his word. Admittedly, we had a few go arounds with the design but in the end he produced a cover that I believe both he and I are proud of.  I highly recommend Alexander for your next cover design project.

    - Victoria WrightAuthor of "The Quiet Butterfly"
  • Cidney Swanson

    Alexander produced eight beautiful book cover redesigns for my YA novels. Not only does he have a great eye for design but he is also able to listen to suggestions and act upon them, producing perfect work. Professional and prompt in his responses, he is an author’s dream come true. He is not happy until his clients are happy! I wholeheartedly recommend his services.

    - Cidney SwansonAuthor of "Ripple Series"
  • Alex Oldham

    I didn’t believe I could afford the professional cover designs that my novels deserved. Then I came across Alexander von Ness. Quality and finish at a price that was within my reach? Surely it was too good to be true? But it wasn’t, and he delivered everything he promised, including his invaluable advice. It was quick, it was easy, and I maintained control throughout the process. You won’t get a better deal than this!

    - Alex OldhamAuthor of "The Cryogen Chronicles" (3 book series)
  • Robin Fisher

    Alexander designed a book cover for my book and produced an excellent and appropriate cover that perfectly reflected the contents. I had tried a few designers before Alexander and that turned out to be a waste of time and money. His work is the rival of any book in any book shop! If as and when I ever get round to writing another book Alexander will be the first person I speak to, highly recommended.

    - Robin FisherAuthor of "The Book of Networks"
  • C.J. Weiland

    Several designers had done concepts for my book cover but none of them really worked. I was really frustrated after failing to get results I liked from other cover designers. I wasted a lot of money. I turned to Alexander to come through, and he nailed it. NAILED IT! I wish I’d come to him first, could have saved much money and time if I’d found Alex first. He worked his butt off to make sure I was good with every last detail, and I put him through the wringer.

    - C.J. WeilandAuthor of "A Cyberpunk Science Fiction Thriller - Cortanis Trilogy"
  • David M. Salkin

    My heartfelt thanks to Alexander for creating a fantastic cover and wrap for my novella. He was professional, artistic and knowledgeable, and made the process go smoothly. Excellent work, and I will use him again. I highly recommend him!

    - David M. SalkinAuthor of "Battle Scars"
  • Harlem Holiday

    I am extremely particular and dealt with three graphic designers before I found Alexander. He understood my vision and gave me what I was looking for in a book cover. Alexander cover designs are the truth. Words can not express enough how grateful and happy I am with the outcome of my book designs.

    - Harlem HolidayAuthor of "The Harlem Plug: The Richard "Fritz" Simmons Story"
  • Leonard Giordano

    Alexander truly is the Best of the Best! As long as God keeps me on this Earth, I will never use another book cover designer other than him. He never stops amazing me and always captures my vision. I got my new cover today and I am satisfied 1,000 percent!!!

    - Leonard GiordanoAuthor of "Ugly Eliza", "The Wizard of Austin", "Dear Mom I Love You", "All Lice Go to Heaven"
  • Mickey Sutton

    Alexander was an absolute joy to work with. I was so impressed with not only his professionalism and the finished product, but his willingness to work with me every step of the way until my cover was exactly what I wanted it to be! The final product was breathtaking, and communicated the feel of the story in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I’m sure it will set it apart from other novels on the market. I would not hesitate to work with Alexander on subsequent projects and recommend him to other authors!

    - Mickey SuttonAuthor of "When Darkness Builds "
  • Robert Akers

    Alexander exemplifies professionalism both in his design and in his follow-up. A quick glance at his portfolio made it clear that his work is top-notch. Regarding my project, after I completed his questionnaire, he sent two superb designs. After selecting one, he crafted it into an even more fantastic design. Even then he continued to tweak it until it was just what I wanted! It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to work with him. If you are wanting a first-class cover for your book, I highly recommend him.

    - Robert AkersAuthor of "12 Minutes"
  • Miguel Garcia

    Hiring Alexander for my book cover design is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’ve used other “professional” designers in the past, but none of them came close to doing the amount of work Alexander took it upon himself to do. He really doesn’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. If you are reading this and still wondering, if you should hire him, DO IT! You won’t regret it.

    - Miguel GarciaAuthor of "The Raven's Conjuring"
  • Bruce Kasanoff

    Alexander created a spectacular cover for my book. He captured brilliantly an idea I couldn’t quite put into words. Plus, he didn’t just send me one idea… he kept working with me until we both were delighted with the result. A great, kind-hearted, and talented professional!

    - Bruce KasanoffCo-writer for entrepreneurs and author of "Never Tell People What You Do"
  • Ruby Wicked

    In the process of obtaining artwork for the cover of my book, Alexander was the artist I chose, based on his prior work displayed and his promise to make changes-until the author is happy with the outcome. He certainly delivered on his devotional message. Alexander did a phenomenal job and was able to capture my vision with his creativity. He asked me for input and also wanted to know the synopsis of the story. What this represents, is an artist who truly wants to connect with the project in order to make the cover reflect an emotional and visual stimulation for its enthusiastic reader. – I will, most definitely, work with him again on ANY future projects to come!

    - Ruby WickedAuthor of "Gold Boys"
  • Scott Schober

    You CAN judge a book by it’s cover if you work with Alexander von Ness! He asked me many questions about my book and then he got into my reader’s head and designed a “grab me off the shelf” book cover. My book cover has been the best sales tool to date. His creative gift for designing book covers is unmatched. I found him to be exceptionally responsive and am excited to work with him on my next book.

    - Scott SchoberAuthor of "Hacked Again"
  • Shawn Suda

    Finding a quality cover designer can be a daunting task. After researching numerous cover designers, I found that they were either overpriced or lacked quality. Alexander von Ness produces world-class cover designs at very affordable prices. Alexander’s design exceeded my expectations. He is my only choice for future cover designs. With regard to quality and affordability, Alexander von Ness is second to none.

    - Shawn SudaAuthor of "By Design - Evidence of Genesis"
  • Shelley Kenigsberg

    I was delighted to work with Alexander who is a truly talented designer and I will work with him again and put a whole book design project in his capable hands. It was more than just his superb design that swayed me. He’s really quick to respond, he’s so smart with ideas and options. He is patient, he’s generous with his skill and time and he’s articulate both with his words and the visuals he creates. Do take the time to look at his portfolio and don’t hesitate to talk to him about your next book project. Utterly worth it. And truly terrific to work with.

    - Shelley KenigsbergDirector at "S.K. Publishing", Writing retreats: Writing in Paradise & Editing in Paradise
  • Wanda Pyle

    Alexander has designed the covers for all three of my novels. I couldn’t be more pleased. Not only are the covers artistically pleasing, but they also capture the mood and theme of my work in interesting ways. He is always receptive to my ideas and gets back to me quickly. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind design that stands out from the rest. I look forward to working with him on my next book!


    - Wanda PyleAuthor of "Windborne" and "Legacy Trilogy"
  • Conrad Bishop

    We’ve been extremely pleased with Alexander’s work, both the process of our novel’s cover design and the final result. GALAHAD’S FOOL was a challenging project: a story sliding back and forth between fantasy and reality, splitting genres, and Alexander found brilliant solutions to this straddle-of-genres. Two professional publicists at San Francisco Writers Conference complimented us on the cover design.

    - Conrad BishopAuthor of "Galahad's Fool"
  • Carmen Webster Buxton

    I have used Alexander for several covers and have been very happy with them. He was always willing to keep changing the design to meet my needs. He never charged extra for that, even when I had made a mistake in the specs I gave him for the print cover.

    - Carmen Webster BuxtonAuthor of "King of Trees", "Alien Bonds". "Turnabout"
  • Max J. Miller

    Alexander is such a pro! He delivers creative projects with insight and a fine attention to detail. He always goes beyond expectations. He is always a pleasure to work with.

    - Max J. MillerAuthor of "How Is That Working?"
  • Sara Trencher

    I had the pleasure of working with Alexander as he created a new book cover design for my book On My Way Home. Not only does Alexander have a great eye for design and conception he is very accommodating, patient, and gives honest helpful feedback. The book cover is better than I could have ever envisioned! I would not hesitate to work with or recommend Alexander to anyone in need of great service.

    - Sara TrencherOn My Way Home