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If you are looking for a book cover designer for hire, you just found him!

Finding a quality book cover designer for hire is a challenging task.

I hope you have already visited my portfolio and seen what I can do for you. I want you to know that behind this site is a flesh and blood human being just like you, not a clerk who will automatically save your form in his “client” folder.

When you work with me, there is no middle person between us. You work one-on-one with me!

I will read into every word and think about it. I will explore your work and think about your needs. That is perhaps the biggest reason why you should hire me!

When you hire me to design a book cover for your book, you can be sure I’ll be applying everything I’ve learned in the world of branding and advertising to your book cover, and it will undoubtedly have a significant impact on your book’s sales.

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