Self-publishing may seem like a difficult endeavor, one that will be costly, or a task that might be beyond you. But even for those just starting with their writing career, it can be easier than you would expect, especially in the day and age of e-readers and the internet.

If you have considered self-publishing, now is the time. And there are a lot of reasons why you should pursue this path with your next novel, short story, comic, or other project.

While publishing through the traditional route can earn you an advance, that advance does not actually amount to much if your book does not sell. You will also find an agent will take a percentage of your advance, and your money is paid to you in payments over a certain amount of years.

Usually, even 5 years down the road, your sales do not actually earn out past your advance payment, meaning chances are, you won’t be making much more than the initial advance payment.


With self-publishing, you can actually find yourself earning regularly over a period of time, without having to worry about paying off an agent

While you will not find yourself getting an advance from anyone, your hard work in sales and a reasonable price point can potentially garner you in over what you would be getting from an advance.

Most self-publishers will offer an e-book for a lower cost than if you went through an agent to distribute a published book through an e-book channel, like Amazon’s Kindle marketplace, for example. But, you will find more people are willing to pay $2.99 for an e-book than $5.99, the typical price point for e-books published by publishing companies.

You will be getting a larger percentage of royalties, since you have no middle men to pay, so essentially can make more money off a lower price point. With your own book marketing, you can put it upon your shoulders to push your book and make the money you expect. You can also release titles when you are ready, instead of signing a contract that may stretch your creativity thin, forcing you to put out so many novels in a specific amount of time.


Your book promotion comes down to you, but that can be a plus

You can promote through the avenues you choose; you can reach out and make personal contacts that can aid you in the future, instead of just blindly having your book thrust to people you never encounter first hand.

What is more, in cases like book cover design, you can truly work one on one with someone that can provide you with what you want, without an agent or publishing company getting in the way and thrusting designs that prefer into the process. You can get the book cover you have always envisioned and create a relationship with an artist that might continue into future novels.

The last pro is how quickly you can get published. You can submit your work and get onto Amazon and similar other web marketplaces in just days, whereas the process through traditional publishing can take months. Of course, this means things like quality control are resting on your shoulders before you publish; you will not have an editor provided for you, so it is best to find someone you know who can help you with editing and format before you self-publish.

It does not hurt to self-publish, whether you are starting your career or are an established author. In fact, many big authors are now taking to self-publishing as to avoid publishing company politics and issues. With e-books being the way the entire industry is going, now is the time to jump on that band wagon.