The simple answer to that question would be, “Of course they do!”

If you don’t know where you are headed every path will lead you nowhere. Most authors think that they don’t need a plan and that their thoughts are enough, but the truth is that the majority don’t even know how to write a business plan. It is much easier to act as though what they are doing is good enough instead of confronting what needs to be done.

When creating a business plan, you have to know what you want to accomplish, what resources you have at your disposal and what your long-term goal is. You have to be aware about main key areas like sales, publicity, branding methods, marketing strategies and advertising.

Establish your precise priorities and make a concrete plan about how much time, money and resources you want to spend. If you don’t make an detailed plan of these points, you are probably going to have a hard time succeeding.



What a business plan would help you with:

#1.  Executing your ideas

#2.  Having focus and direction

#3.  Not wasting time on unnecessary things because of not having set goals

#4.  Identifying what priorities need to be done first

#5.  Realizing what is beyond your means and spending limits

#6.  MAYBE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – Measuring the results to see if you are on the right path

Even though you are a writer and your main skills are representing feelings, moments, emotions, fantasies and purposes on a piece of paper, you have to have a business part that demands to stay on top of everything and to look at the whole process from a totally different perspective.



If you don’t finalize your aims, how can you tell if you are going in the right direction?

Given that you are writing a book, we can assume that you are a skilled writer who just needs a “push” in all other spheres. This push will be granted with a business plan, because this is the only part that can go terribly wrong even though you thought you had it all planned out.

It is very hard to specify what every writer should do step by step. Every book and every writer needs to have an individual approach to the common problem, but some rough and unspecified guidelines need to be followed. Be true to your ideas you had in mind when you started writing the book, but you have to realize that self publishing is a hard thing to do by yourself. If you aren’t sure about some things, don’t hesitate one second to ask someone for advice or even for help in executing it.

You need to have a distributor who will sell your book, someone who will promote it (to the news media) and you have to set up bookstore appearances and public speeches in bookstores. All of these things can’t be done by just one person, if so the publishing phase will last for years if you want it to be done as it should be, with top class and high quality. Your job could be the easier ways of promotion, via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via your own or someone else’s blog.

It would be a good thing to have a web site that could highlight your book. This can be done with a decent price, but the whole process is very time consuming, keep that in mind.

Make sure your book gets reliable feedback from people whose opinions you value, but also from those who fit your target group. If the book didn’t present well, doesn’t have a catchy title, good price and an eye catching book cover, you might even fail. So make sure you have all those aspects considered before you start the journey called self publishing.