Before I even start explaining why every author needs to set goals and to develop a plan about his promotion and publishing activity I need to emphasize one thing. If you don’t have a top class product (in your case a great book), don’t even think about publishing.

Even though you don’t need anyone at this point to publish your book, you shouldn’t be doing it unless you have a great piece of art to offer to your clients.

As for the necessity of having an author enterprise, don’t open social media profiles just to have them, open them if you really want to establish a business model. Don’t post the wrong things, at the wrong time and on top of all to the wrong people. You really don’t want to have 1000 friends on Facebook, just to have them there. You need to have a real audience that will appreciate your efforts and work, because like that, you could fail terribly.

Create strong and long term business relationships with people who share your interests and have the same business plan as you have. If you set up your enterprise right, you will be able to run it by spending just an hour or two a day on it. This way, you will have much more freedom to write more and have a lot more time to do something else you need to do.

The most writers have another business to run, so don’t waste more time than necessary on things that don’t bring much. It is better to be focused on 5 people in your Google+ circles for example, then to share your work with 1000 friends on Facebook, who will just push the like button and move on to other news feeds.

You could have it all, a great book-selling and business-building community around you, while spending 80% of your time writing and 20% building up your business model. If you are one of those writers who just want to write and don’t want to have anything to do with the commercial side of the publishing world, you really need to be a hell of a writer to leave everything to chance.

Of course, it could happen that your book becomes a best seller without doing anything but write, but let’s be honest here, with just a few hours a day, you can gain much more audience and most important of all, you can find people who share your interests and who could help you in the process of self-publishing.

One very important thing in being there and talking to people who are in this business is that you hear a lot of good advice and very useful information. One author once told me that he had almost given up on publishing his first book given that he got some bad reviews from people who read parts of his novel.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, if you don’t think that you have a great product, don’t ever sell it. If you don’t plan on doing something right, don’t start doing it in the first place.

Well, this author was that kind of person as well, this is why he started to think whether he should publish or not. After asking the right people about what they thought about the reviews, he came to the conclusion that not every bad review is really a good reason to quit.

It is also important that you get criticized by the right people, by your target audience and the people who share your interests. In the end he decided to publish the book and today he can proudly say that it was a great decision. The same thing can happen vice versa, so be careful, read a lot, be out there and stay connect to the right people, that way you will be focused on the business plan but you will still be able to do the thing you love most, write!