Don’t judge a book by its cover…

That’s what my mother always used to tell me, but it’s simply not true when it comes to book marketing. Here’s why: When you’re strolling through the book shelves, you can’t see the interior of a book. But when you spot an eye-catching book cover, you’ll stop to take a closer look.

And that, in turn, stimulates you to read the synopsis and finally consider purchasing the book. A boring book cover simply won’t grab your attention in the first place, and let’s face it, there are a lot of books out there.

So, the design of your book cover is the strongest marketing tool you have available and it has to draw the attention of a reader. Get that wrong, and you won’t make it to second base.


First impressions count…

When you go on a date, you dress up and (perhaps) apply makeup, because you know that you only have a few seconds to make that first impression.


There is no second chance for a good first impression with your cover

You want to draw the attention of the right audience. If your novel is a sci-fi, you want that to be reflected on your cover. If it’s a romance, that too should be immediately obvious to your ideal reader. It is very important to know what kind of message you want to convey with your book cover. Who will be reading this and how can I attract his/her attention?


The most important thing is to stand out from the crowd!

You might have an idea about how your book cover should look like, but executing it is the challenge. If you aren’t an artist and a book cover designer, don’t do the cover yourself, and don’t get your friend to do it either!

Going with a professional book cover designer is always the best option, and you wouldn’t believe, it’s often the cheapest option, too! You will get a high quality book jacket design or ebook cover design that will make you proud to share your writing.

Doing the cover yourself, instead of hiring a professional designer, will waste time and effort and in the end it won’t work! Someone will have to do everything all over again, which costs money and time. Would you go on that all-important date in your scruffy work clothes?

A good book cover designer already knows what sells, and has experience to guide you in the right direction. This is especially important for those who are finishing their first book, because a designer can provide some know-how and guidance.

You want your cover to stand out from the crowd with a unique title and style – the two work hand-in-hand. This is why it is so important to have an experienced designer and not to do it yourself. Besides the title, the subtitle needs a great placement as well. Every good designer will provide more than one mock up so that you can decide what works best for you.

If you browse through bestseller covers, you will understand how a great design really makes a difference in sales. They might inspire some new ideas if you are struggling to come up with any. If you need another idea for a good marketing inspiration, take a look at unique magazine and TV ads.

The concept is very similar, where the graphic design captures the target consumer’s attention and stimulates them to see why this book is so special. Research how big companies sell their products – it may sound ridiculous, but it works!

Your book cover is just as important as the content

Your book cover must set the tone for the content. You need to provide a good insight to your designer, explain, give him guidance and show a part of the text or even the whole content.

A lot of authors seek a new book cover design after several years to improve their sales, so have it done right the first time and make a brand out of your book. You won’t have to make changes later on and your book will be admired because of the professional design of your cover!