In a perfect world, just writing a novel and putting it up for sale would garner all the sales you’d want. But the world isn’t perfect and so pushing your title and utilizing the best marketing strategies possible is what will rake in the sales. From book cover design to establishing an internet presence, there’s a lot of great ways to push your title.


Before you even publish your book, you should start building an internet presence

You might already have somewhat of a head start if this is not your first novel. In this day and age of social networking sites, you need to make it priority to get on as many as you can to promote your book. Whether you just put yourself out there as an author or for the particularly title, you should sign up for Twitter and Facebook to use as promotion and to push your upcoming title. It will help to create an online community of people who want to read your next piece.


What is also great about this path is that you can be in direct contact with readers. You can get honest opinions, have a back and forth conversation, and in general, establish a really great connection with your fanbase, something that people really appreciate.


As for your actual physical novel, a cover is really important

Even if you are looking to sell exclusively online, book cover design still matters. It is still what is going to be on display when readers are browsing. So whether it’s actual paperback book covers or just digital ones, you need to focus on creating the best cover for your novel. Focus on creating something easy to read but eye-catching all the same. Having a book cover maker on your side will help you to have the most professional looking cover possible.


Once you have built up some internet presence and have settling on the proper book cover design, now it’s time to really start promoting your book’s release date along with the cover. You want people to put two and two together; the more they see the cover, the more they’ll recognize it in the future when they come across it shopping.


After your book is released, you need to continue with great marketing in order to promote it

Try to find somewhere local you can do a book reading, or if you are willing to travel, book a few different places and have a small tour. Often, many smaller bookstores and even some bars and other public places are more than willing to have authors read; you don’t have to be already famous to do it.


A book should never be forgotten; even if you are working on your next novel, you should always put in a little effort to still market your older titles. Using a new book’s release as a way to remind people of your older works is a great idea.


With these strategies and a strong dedication to marketing, you can garner a lot more sales than if you just let your book sit there and do the work for you. Marketing is huge; make sure you take the time to put every effort in.