When I first came to Google+ I really didn’t know what the fuss was about. I just saw some notifications, some circles being made and me being in them. What the hell was a circle, why am I in it? Have I pressed something wrong?

But day after day I realized that everyone who is doing something in the business world should have a Google+ account and now I will tell you why!

First of all, it’s not like Facebook, you won’t be seeing a lot of “duck face” images of girls and people who don’t know what to do with their time. This is a professional business tool and if you are a writer or self-publisher you sure want to be here.

Google has changed their online search options and if you want to be relevant for this search engine you will have to own a Google+ profile where you can participate in a lot of discussions concerning your field of interest. Here you won’t be dealing with amateurs, you will be able to meet people who you have always admired and you will even be able to talk to them via this very useful and exciting media.

You can share your work, ask if people like what you have written or published or what you are currently working on. This isn’t just an interesting tool for writers, but for everyone who is engaged in publishing online content.

Google+ might seem as a different version of Facebook, but it is much more sophisticated and business related, above all for authors and self-publishers, which is why I decided to create this post under the name “Google+ for Authors” and not Google+ in general.

The culture of communication and the approach to a topic is much more serious and professional as it is on other social media. From my point of view, Google+ is a place where you can feel much more relaxed than on other business related social media like LinkedIn.

Until yesterday there were some people that I admired and felt they were untouchable. Today the same people are commenting on my work and encouraging me to keep doing it.

I came across a great article about Google+ by Johnny Base and he said that he has spoken over an hour to some people who are acknowledged leaders in their field of interest and that it was like a seminar at a top-level university. I completely agree with him! You will be able to make great connections, see such beautiful and inspiring work and share your experience with everyone who is a part of your circle.

Be the host of a Google+ Hangout. Hangouts are something very similar to Skype, but this feature is much stronger, and a lot more than just something that you might use to catch up with some people you haven’t spoken to for a while. Hangouts enable you to make multi-user video conferences and up to ten people can participate at once while everyone else can watch and comment. The same video footage can later easily be uploaded to Youtube so that everyone else, who missed the hangout, could see what the ‘meeting’ was about.

This useful feature is a great way to discuss a certain topic with your colleagues, to agree on something that can’t be agreed on via email. You can speak to more than one person at the time and this unique socializing functionality is something way more than just plane socializing. You can even make your own live customer service!

Google+ is a place where a lot of people are engaged in very different business spheres. It is like a big room filled with people who are willing to help with their guidance and experience. You, as a writer, can give advice to others about things they need to know. A book cover designer can give you advice on your book cover, constructive critiques about what is good and what is bad about it. An attorney can help you with your legal problems you could come across while publishing. To make this story short, this is a place where your work and you as a business person can only profit and gain.

But to be clear, this is no place to “spam” others with some business proposals and fake articles to gain fake publicity. There are other places on the internet to do that. If you want your activity to be good and if you want to prosper, become a member of a community that shares your interests. There might be someone who needs your help or someone who can help you with some new job opportunities.

Something similar happened to me. I asked some friends in a Google+ community what they thought about some book cover design I have made and a few days afterwards I was asked if I could design a book cover for someone who had gotten a recommendation from a friend who was a member of this community. The same thing can happen to anyone. Like that, I hope this article will help someone to get that opportunity while taking care of her or his business future from an armchair.

Social media are very important today in developing business connections, but Google+ for authors means to be connected to other authors and professionals in communities and to be able to hear the opinions of others in that field.

You can join the Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Google Community that I’m moderating with two other great people who are willing to help whenever you need help in your self-publishing journey.

There is also the great APE Community created by Guy Kawasaki where you can find really amazing guidance and help for your self-publishing and book marketing doubts. would like to use this occasion to thank John Skeats (moderator of APE Community) for responding EVERY TIME when I needed help or advice. Thank you John!


Google+ is very important because it is the key to Semantic Search!

Take care of your future business and don’t expect results right away, but if you do everything that you can and are patient, results will come! Authors and self-publishers with a verified account and high quality content in their profiles will be looked at by Google as trusted members. If you want to become one, you have to have a Google+ profile.

If you don’t already have a Google+ account, it’s time to create one! Create a Google+ account today, before your competitors take your place on the market!