Ok, you have written a book and have read it over carefully at least three times and made your edits each time you reread your book. Writers are not necessarily good editors as when a writer writes their mind is on one thing; writing the book and getting it finished.

When you look at the same words over and over again there are things that will be missed as this is only human nature and sometimes the mind does not see what may be incorrect even after reading your works several times.

Serious writers already have their own style of writing which is unique only to them.
When it comes to editing prior to publishing it is always best to have an experienced editor go over your book. The editor will not change your writing style; however, since the reading material is fresh to the editor they can pick up on things that the writer may have missed.


As a writer you should have a network of people who are also writers and artists of different genre

This may be your friends on Facebook, Google+ which has a community called Self-Publishing and Book Marketing, or other social media venues. Certainly you have an editor who is among your group of friends or someone who can point you in the right direction. One can always rely on a publishing and promotion platform such as Author Marketing Experts and Ellechor Media, which helps people, writers, experts, speakers and others to reach far more people with the message their book wants to communicate.

Communities of creative people such as writers create a network of some of the most fun and interesting people as creative people are teachers, that is, teaching others through their artistic and creative talents.

Writers help other writers and you can find a million and one ways for another creative writer to help you with editing. With your social network contacts this is where bartering comes in. As you already know, writers are not rich. It takes years to be recognized unless you have an instant best seller in a genre people are looking for. Barter your writing skills for editing skills.


Creative writers help each other when it comes to success

They share ideas, where they find their book cover designer and who their publisher was. There are no secrets among the world of creative people.

Every writer has an editor; Stephen King, Hugh Howey, Jonathan Swift and Walt Whitman had editors. It is always best to have a fresh set of eyes read your material so it is presented with the utmost perfection. Editors have a special talent of presentation just as a writer has their special talent of writing.

Once you have finished your book and feel it is ready for print, do not forget to have it edited. There is nothing worse than self publishing your book and when you get your first copy in the mail there are mistakes that have been missed.

Writing is an art that takes years to master in order to get your writing style perfected. Writers are perfectionists so why not have someone double check your work and pick up on some of the tiniest mistakes that can be overlooked by you, the writer.