Authors, you take a huge risk when you write. No matter how great (or terrible) readers may think a book is, you no doubt put a little part of your heart and soul into your work.

As your heart is uncertain upon the book’s release into the world, only readers have the power to reassure and help you hold the pieces together. Therefore, you have to ASK.

Ask for what you need: whether its reader support, more reviews, features, or something more. Readers that love you will help – they just need some direction.

I have written previously to readers on Simple Ways to Support the Author You Love on my blog, so let’s follow-up with some unique ways to get the word buzzing for your book and what you can ask readers to do to help support your work.


First, a quick recap of the basics I recommend to readers:

#1 Buy a Copy from me as a Gift for Friends and Family

This is a no brainer! Buy a copy if you’re intrigued, by two if you like me, and I’m happy to sell you three if you really love me.

#2 Write a Review

Writing a review is also a no brainer. The number of reviews an author has directly correlates to their sales numbers, so even if you thought it was just okay – it’s OK! Post your honest review anyway – thank you for taking the time.

#3 Tell a Friend or Family Member

Word of mouth marketing is the surefire method for all sales. Talk about me and my book behind my back, I don’t mind. Honest!

#4 Recommend Me at Your Library

Go into the library, ask for my book, suggest they order it (and follow any steps provided) if they don’t carry it. This is easy, and only requires one trip to your library. On the other hand – make a game of it and see how many you can chat up in a weekend.

Now I know you’re that awesome and loyal reader – thanks!

Beyond the basic book buy, review and share, there are a plethora of additional ways to support an author that may not have been considered. Granted, readers may not take the time to do them all for every author.

It is also unreasonable to expect your readers to do more work than you, the author. Therefore, after you have pulled up your bootstraps and started working on your book marketing, then you can push forward with a few more bold requests.

If readers are feeling generous or are out of ideas but still committed to helping – six more things readers can do to help support your book:

#5 Voting Up Honest, Insightful Reviews on Amazon

Potential readers do not only look at positive reviews, they also consider the negative and how well the reviews were ranked by others. Read the reviews to see if you find any that resonate with your assessment of the book, and mark them as helpful.

#6 Share Your Review

Make a short comment of praise about the book on Facebook or tweet about the book. Try to capture the essence of your reading experience, or why other readers should give it a read. The more places you share your review, the better it will be for the author to hook their next reader. That takes me to #3:

#7 Copy and Paste Your Review Onto Other Online Bookstores

There’s nothing wrong with copying your Amazon review and using it on other sites, like GoodReads, Shelfari, Barnes&Noble or Powells. Again, the more places your review is shared, the more readers it can reach and influence.

#8 Commenting/Reposting Blogs or Articles

This is especially critical if your author is on tour. Pay attention to where they are being featured and drop a line or two of support. You do not need to do this all day, but at least in the first three months of the release date. Your diligence will be noticed, and the author will certainly appreciate the effort you have shown in supporting their book.

#9 Write Your Own Blog Feature

If you write a blog please ask the author for a feature. They will most likely say yes and appreciate the request. You can do an author interview, asking any burning questions you had after you read the book. You can also simply promote your review, other information about the author – including where to buy the book and keep it very simple. Another unique idea for fiction authors is to host a character interview, where the author answers the questions posed as a character in their book.

#10 Attend the Book Release Party (if there is one) and Bring Somebody

This task isn’t so much to help the author, as it is to help the author’s self-esteem. It’s lonely to have a book release party or local signing with low attendance. Share with your friends and family about the event, bring a few along and be sure to follow-up the event with additional positive reinforcement to the author. It’s okay if you already bought a copy of the book, buy another copy and bring that book to be signed as well.

Again, it is worth noting that this list of ten things readers can do to support an author is rather exhaustive. Please authors, do not expect more work than you put in! Do your due diligence and always say “Thank You” to your readers.

They will appreciate the recognition and hopefully remain a fan for a long time.