Dear all, here came that day to finally introduce Nessgraphica website.

After a few months of hard and painstaking working we still managed to put together something that we are very pleased and very proud of. We follow the latest trends and fresh web designs. Although at first I had no intention to engage myself in any blog – I’m so overloaded with my designing work and just lack the time – then I realized that life writes the best novels, so I “grabbed the pen.”

As this site has grown, I have started to understand the emerging need for all my current and future clients to be able to learn the vast amount of information that I can offer. So I figured that a day to day blog to be the most ideal solution.

This blog is conceived to provide useful and timely information for all those people who have caught the challenges of writing their own book. The most important topics that will be discussed are from the field of book marketing and promotion, useful tips and tricks for authors, self-publishing advice, etc. In the end I will try my best to utilize my experience and creative thinking in order to make your book cover the best it can be.

Whether you do it yourself, have a different designer or decide to give me your trust, I will still guide you through that creative and interesting process. Together we will actualize your goals in book design, so your book gets the “face lift” that it deserves.

In the meantime, I have put monumental effort into securing, on this blog, some of the greatest and eminent experts from the field of Book Marketing and Promotion and from the Publishing industry.

Their knowledge and experience can only contribute to greater success of your book. They will give you plenty of useful information that you will be able to use in your project.

I invite all of you who have questions or concerns, please feel free to post or send your questions to the contact page and I will do my best to provide the answer from an expert or professional to help you.

For now, that is all from me. I wish you a pleasant journey in writing and I hope you fulfill all your dreams. I would be honored in helping you realize your dreams.