Hello, my name is Alexander von Ness and I am a book cover designer with almost 20 years of professional experience in graphic design and over a decade as Art Director in a branding agency. In the past few years my main area of focus is book design & eBook cover design. Thanks to my strong graphic design principles I am a multiple winner and finalist of international graphic design contests in the category of book cover design. If you like what you see in my portfolio and if you’re interested in hiring me as your book cover designer, you can be sure I’ll be applying everything I’ve learned in the world of branding and advertising on your book cover and it will certainly have a great impact on your book’s sales. 


I am sure that you have stumbled upon a lot of great biographies while searching for a graphic designer for your book cover. While a lot of them are trying to impress you with words, I will let my Portfolio, Recent Work or Work in Progress speak for themselves. There you can get a preview of what I could do for you. I help all of my clients stay on top of current design trends. I also show my clients how to connect with their customers and translate their ideas into a powerful image, bringing it to life and infused with emotion. Read any of my client’s testimonials and if you wish to be one of them visit my contact page and leave message. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything you are interested in! Advice, information, recommendations, even the contact of my competitors – there will no be unanswered emails! If you use my knowledge, experience and passion, your book will look more professional and achieve more success. You can also order my services for all your book promo materials: bookmarks, book cards, 3D mock ups, flyers, posters, web banners, business cards, etc. I invite you to visit my Blog about self-publishing and book marketing where book publishing experts will guide you through your self-publishing journey and help you avoid mistakes. There you can find a lot of helpful self-publishing and book marketing tips and tricks for authors.

Nessgraphica Book Cover on Steroids